Looking for stylsh carpets, floor mats or rugs in Dubai? You are on the best place! Dubai is home to high quality, well-designed carpets and rugs. Find the perfect carpet for your home or office by shopping at any of the dealers listed in our directory. Our list features carpet sellers who use natural materials and high quality blends to make durable rugs in different sizes.
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Mega Carpets

Mega Carpets, one of the leading carpet makers in the Emirates, provides the largest selection of original, woven carpets. The company uses the latest technology to make its carpets and rugs, ensuring that they are of the highest quality po ...

Basic Interiors Carpets

Basic Interiors sells a wide variety of authentic Persian rugs and carpets. The Basic Interiors showroom located in Dubai has hundreds of collections for the home and office, in different designs. Whether you are looking for a small rug, se ...

Tsar Carpets

Tsar is a leading carpet dealer in Dubai. The company sells unique, custom carpets and rugs made using high quality materials. Tsar carpets are suitable for the home and office, as they come in different sizes. There is a wide range of carp ...

Carpet Dubai

Carpet Dubai is a leading carpet dealer in the Emirates and sells high quality carpets and rugs, made using fine, natural materials. There are hundreds of designs and colours to choose from and all carpets come in a variety of sizes. Visit ...

The Rug Company

The Rug Company brings high quality carpets and rugs to Dubai and the Middle East. The company sells carpets made using high quality wool, silk, cotton blends and other natural yarns. All carpets are made using a combination of techniques t ...

Sheba Iranian Carpets

Sheba Iranian Carpets & Antiques is a specialist dealer in hand-woven and hand-knotted carpets and rugs. The company sells only the finest carpets in quality and has hundreds of different designs and colours on sale at any given day. While ...

Persian Carpet Kingdom

Persian Carpet Kingdom is the largest retailer of luxury Persian rugs and carpets. The company has a large showroom in Dubai, where you can choose from hundreds of carpets, in different designs, styles and colours. Hand-made, classic and an ...

National Iranian Carpets

National Iranian Carpets is one of the top carpet makers in the Middle East. The company has a large boutique in Dubai, where you can buy their latest carpets and rugs, as well as any of the classic designs the company is famous for. You ca ...

Stepevi Carpets

Stepevi is famous the world over for its exquisite, luxury carpets, made using the best of wool and silk. Stepevi combines both traditional carpet-making techniques and new technology to produce unique pieces. The entire Stepevi collection, ...

Mesgarzadeh Carpets

Mesgarzadeh is one of the leading carpet dealers in Dubai and the whole of United Arab Emirates. The company sells hand woven carpets and rugs, and oversees the entire design and production process. All carpets sold at the store are made us ...

Persian Carpet House

The Persian Carpet House & Antiques is located at the Boulevard in Dubai, and deals in Arab inspired furnishings for the home. You can find a wide range of original, hand woven carpets and rugs at the store. All items sold here are made fro ...

Galerie Hamadan Carpets

Galerie Hamadan is one of the few specialists of hand woven home accessories in Dubai. The company sells high quality carpets that are woven, hand spun or embroidered. There is so much to choose from at Galerie Hamadan that finding rugs or ...