Antique furniture is one of the best items you can use to express your individuality and good taste i your home. There are a number of places where you can find vintage collections in Dubai. Check out the list of dealers specializing in unique, antique furniture and accessories, as compiled in our shopping directory.
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Art and Craft Furniture

Furniture We have a beatiful selection of Solidwood furniture like Solidwood Bed room sets, Solidwood Dinning Table sets, Solidwood Coffee table sets, Solidwood Sofa and much more Solidwood Furniture items. ...

Antique Furniture Dubai

Finding antique furniture in Dubai is not as difficult as some may think. There are a number of furniture dealers with an antique furniture section, where customers can find different types of antique furniture. These stores include Falakna ...

Pinky Furniture

Pinky Furniture offers great deals on antique furniture at its store in Dubai. The store, located right behind the Mall of the Emirates, offers a wide variety of exotic and antique handcrafted furniture and furniture accessories. Unique cab ...

Jadis Furniture

Jadis stocks a collection of unique, antique furniture at its Dubai showroom. Hard-to-find pieces that are beautiful, timeless and handcrafted to uniqueness are available for you to own. Visit the store to choose from exquisite dressers mad ...

Exotica Furniture

Looking for antique furniture in Dubai? One of the top places to find this rare type of furniture is Exotica Furniture Trading LLC. The store deals specifically in exotic furniture, and has an extensive collection of unique, timeless pieces ...