Find beautiful, luxury curtains or high quality blinds at any of these curtain stockists in Dubai. Shop at any of the listed shops and walk away with unique, custom curtains made to fit. There are plenty of designs and styles to choose from. Most Dubai curtain shops sell a variety of curtain styles so you can find contemporary, traditional, classic and vintage all in the same place.
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Avenue Interiors Curtain

Avenue Interiors provides high quality curtains in a large variety of colours. The store has more than 1000 curtain fabrics in stock, a guarantee that you will find the right curtain for your home colour scheme. Visit the Avenue Interiors s ...

Dubai Curtains

Curtains are a necessary accessory in the home, not just for privacy but also for shielding the indoors from the elements. They also enhance the overall look in a room. There are many curtain shops in Dubai where you can shop for curtains. ...

Harmony Curtains

Find high quality curtains at the Harmony Carpets & Curtains store in Dubai. The store is well-stocked with the latest curtain designs in all colours and sizes. A collection of classic and traditional styles are also available. All products ...

World of Curtains

World of Curtains provides an extensive range of curtains of all colours and designs. The company sources its curtains from Germany, Turkey, Italy and top manufacturers in Dubai. One thing that is common in all World of Curtains products is ...

Dubai Blinds

Dubai Blinds are specialists in all types of window coverings. The Dubai-based company provides high quality curtains, blinds, and window shutters at affordable rates. Measuring and fitting services are also available to ensure that you get ...

GCC Curtains

A leading curtain and window covering dealer in Dubai, GCC Curtains provides high quality curtains made using high quality fabrics in different textures. All GCC Curtains are made to measure and come in a wide range of designs and colours. ...

Dubai Curtains

Dubai Curtains are exclusive dealers of high quality curtains. All curtains sold at Dubai Curtains are made to measure, and will fit your window space perfectly, no matter how large or small it is. They come in all shades, so you will find ...

Kalinka Curtains

Kalinka curtains are distinctly Italian and classic in design. The company sells high quality Castello del Barro curtains, which are renowned for their quality and stylish appeal. They come in luxury fabrics such as organza, taffeta, jacqua ...

Designer's Space Curtains

Designer’s Space is a specialist in window treatments and curtains. The company sells high quality curtains and curtain fabrics. All products sold at Designer’s Space are custom made, meaning they are cut and designed to your taste, and ...

Everrest Curtains

Everrest is a top curtain deal in Dubai. The company has thousands of different curtain designs and colours in stock. They source fabrics designs from top fabric designers and manufacturers Crowson, Harlequin, Prestigious, James Hare Silks, ...